Two single moms, become friends and decide to raise children together as 'platonic unit'

Two single moms, become friends and decide to raise children together as ‘platonic unit’

In this day and age where so many women are raising their children alone, it can be tough. With rising costs for so many things and having to juggle work and home; it can be a lot.

These two single moms however came up with a solution that is helpful to everyone!

Samantha and Lauren became friends on Instagram in 2018. The duo had no idea at the time that their friendship would grow into much more than just internet acquaintances!

In April 2021 Samantha broke up with her partner whom she had lived with for 5 years with her son Kaelin. Samantha suddenly found herself as a single mom in New Plymouth, New Zealand. She decided her chances at finding a job would be better in the capital, Auckland.

She knew however while chances of finding employment might indeed be better, she would also have to deal with the high costs of living in the capital. She recalled, “It was hard for me and Kaelin to live on our own and live comfortably. Auckland is very expensive, and I was quite lonely and scared.”

She was struggling with the high prices and caring for her child alone in the capital. She decided to message her friend Lauren Robinson. She recalled that Lauren was also a single mother based in Auckland and she decided to ask her for any helpful tips.

This is when Lauren suggested that the duo move in together! This way they would be saving on costs for food and rent. Samantha immediately agreed and soon she and her son moved in with Lauren and her daughter Haidyn.


Since then they have been living together and absolutely adore it. Samantha said, “It’s so much easier living with Lauren. We’ve been able to split our finances and we are able to help each other with childcare if one of us is busy the other can pick them both up from school, or if either of us needs to go out the other can watch the two children.”

They share all household-related chores and even set up a joint bank account so paying for groceries and their rent would be easier. They also help out with each others children all the time.

24-year-old Samantha and 26-year-old Lauren have realized how smoother things are for them now. It helps that both women have similar parenting styles. Lauren says that at times when her daughter misbehaves, Samantha is the only person who can get through to her.

They gushed about how their children are like real brother and sister; they get along but of course, also have their fights.

The women are practically family to one another. Samantha said in a TikTok, “I don’t have a boyfriend, I have Lauren. Supports me through every crazy life decision. Makes me feel so incredibly loved and wanted. Treats my son like her own,” Samantha.

While they enjoy their situation right now, they also know that if one of them gets into a serious relationship, one of them will move out and get another place in the neighborhood.

But for now, they are enjoying each other’s company quite a lot!

What a wonderful way to make raising your child easier for you! It always helps to have someone else around to lean on; these two women found a wonderful solution.

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