US airline brings back major perk for customers who book basic economy fare

Beginning this fall, all customers flying JetBlue will be allowed a carry-on bag for free.

Previously, the airline’s most restrictive far, “Blue Basic,” did not include a carry-on.

Currently, JetBlue’s basic fare only allows customers to bring a personal item that fits under the seat. Additional bags must be checked. The exception is for transatlantic flights when the Blue Basic fare includes a carry-on bag.

“Carry-on bags are an important piece of travel to customers, and when presented with a choice between JetBlue’s award-winning service and another carrier’s basic offering, we want JetBlue to be the easy winner,” Marty St. George, the president of JetBlue, said in a statement.

“We’re always looking for ways to evolve our offering in response to customer preferences. This is a win-win as we improve the customer experience and keep JetBlue competitive in our industry.”


The Blue Basic fare was first introduced in 2019 and initially included a carry-on, but in 2021 the company took away the perk.

With JetBlue’s change, United Airlines becomes the only US airline to charge customers who purchase a basic economy fare for a domestic flight to carry on a bag. American, Delta, Southwest, and Alaska allow passengers to carry on bags across all fare categories. 

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One thing to note, customers who book a Blue Basic fare with JetBlue will still board the aircraft last so there will always be the chance that their carry-on will have to be checked at the gate for no additional charge.

The change will take effect on September 6, regardless of the ticket’s purchase date.

What are your thoughts on this positive change from JetBlue? Will it impact who you book with in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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