Warning To All Parents: Delete This App If You Find It On Your Kid’s Phone.

More often than not, today’s kids have their own smartphones. For many parents this is an easy way of keeping track of their children and making sure that they are always able to reach them. In case of an emergency, a mobile phone could prove crucial. But there is another side to this. Smartphone use among youth has been associated with more then one danger. Recently we’ve seen the rise of the application Periscope, which allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers from anywhere in the world. Now a warning has been issued to parents not to let there kids use the application and to delete it from there children’s phones.

Reports of Periscope users, mostly girls, being sexually harassed have emerged. But in schools, kids often compete with each other in order to have more viewers.

In Sweden, it has emerged that pedophiles have been using the app to ‘groom’ youth they plan to abuse. A warning has now been issued, advising parents to delete the app completely off their kids’ phones.

“It has come to our attention that many children and young adults who use this application are encouraging each other to engage in various inappropriate behavior,” says Fatima Viklund from the country’s social services.

According to Viklund, many parents aren’t aware of how their kids are using their smartphones. Meanwhile, pedophiles see it as an opportunity.

A snapshot of the Periscope app. Photo: Shutterstock


“There are situations where (youth) remove their clothes and show their skin. Meanwhile, you’re talking to strangers that you have no connection to. They’re anonymous and you don’t know who’s watching or who you’re talking to.”

If you discover that your child uses the application, there’s one thing to do according to Viklund:

“If you discover that your child has the app installed on their phone, you should delete it.”

Parents everywhere deserve to know this – let’s all help spread the information.

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