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Watch When 92-Year-Old World War II Fighter Pilot Flies Again After 70 Years.

Joy Lofthouse was one of few female pilots in the British Air Force during World War II. She loved to fly the aircraft model Spitfire. Today she is 92 years old and the last time she sat inside an aircraft was 70 years ago. When she get the chance to do it once again she doesn’t hesitate despite her age – and she enjoys it as much as ever before.  

Female pilots in the British Air Force were few during World War II. The one’s that was assigned was called “Attagirls”. Joy Lofthouse was one of them.

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During her time in as a pilot she flew 18 different aircraft. Her assignment was to shuttle planes from the front lines back to factories for repairs.

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But of all airplanes she flew there was one special model for her: The Spitfire. “It was the iconic plane. It’s such a wonderful airplane”, 92-year-old Joy told BBC.

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To remember the end of the war, 70 years ago, Joy was asked if she would like to fly in the Spitfire once again. She was a little nervous, but didn’t hesitate.

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“I feel excited, but I’m aware of my age. It’s the nearest thing to having wings of your own and flying that I’ve known”, she said before her trip down memory lane.

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And away she went! In a Spitfire – 70 years later. Joy beamed from excitement after landing: “It was lovely.”

Photos: Youtube.

Down below, you can watch footage from when she, once again, sat in a Spitfire! This old lady proves that it’s possible to be amazed at any age.

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