Woman is about to get on plane – then she peeks at a stranger and realizes something is wrong

To sit idle at airports is far from the ideal pastime – and it’s therefore not particularly surprising that many people get very upset when their flights are delayed or canceled.

But in this way, Shaina Murry from Texas, USA, is rather unique. She had no real reason to delay a flight she was on – and yet she did – simply to help out a fellow human being.

Now Shaina is being praised across social media – and for reasons I totally understand!

Shaina Murry was scheduled to fly from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas.

As she walked around looking for her gate, something caught her eye. She noticed a man, laying on the floor and looking unwell. Shaina decided to stop and ask him if he was ok.

“It was clear something was wrong, I just didn’t know what. It seemed best after asking him a few questions to call for medical assistance,” Shaina wrote on Facebook.

Source: Shaina Murry (Facebook)

The man, named Will, explained repeatedly that he was worried about missing his flight while they waited for help.

As they were talking, Shaina soon realized that he was autistic – and that she therefore had to change strategy.

She calmed Will, assured him that he would get to the airport on time and then rang up Will’s mother to tell her that he was not feeling well.

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Soon the paramedics arrived on site. They noted that Will needed immediate nutrition and they were doubtful that he was in good enough condition to fly. 

But Shaina was determined to help the stranger she had just met.

“I worked with American Airlines and the medical team at Dallas and told the medical team I would change my flight, grab some lunch with him and make sure he got on his flight ok,” Shaina wrote on Facebook.

Source: Shaina Murry (Facebook)

That’s when the expression ‘pay-it-forward’ really took shape – with American Airlines grabbing the reins from Shaina. 

The airline demanded no compensation from Shaina when she switched to a later flight. They called her to inform her as soon as they knew of Will’s flight’s gate so that she could help get him there. And when Shaina and Will arrived, airline crew was aware of the situation and immediately took Will into their care.

Source: Wikipedia

“Today was not at all what I pictured it to be. It has turned out so much better. I had an amazing lunch with a wonderful young man from Louisville, Kentucky. While I don’t know him well I know he has a heart of gold and a wonderful mother and sister who he loves very much, and after texting with his mom- she loves him just as much,” Shaina says, adding:

“Every once and awhile we all need a little help. Regardless of disability, age, or social status. Thanks for making my day Will!!”

You can read Shaina’s original post in its entirety here:

As others just walked by, Shaina didn’t hesitate for a second to stop and help a fellow human being – and I think the airport  and airline personel just made everything even better.

Now I think it’s time to share this wonderful story of human compassion to pay homage to Shaina’s wonderful efforts – and encourage others to do the same!

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