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You See A Normal Wedding Dress, Until She Turns Around. My Jaw Hit The Floor.

hen marine veteran Amber Mills returned from overseas to her Texas home, she not only began battling depression, but also she found that she had multiple sclerosis. She was also the mother of three, so she felt that she was losing hope and purpose in life.   But one day, Amber noticed an quite eccentric contest online and she decided to compete. The competition was to create a dress and the winning prize was a lot of money. Inspired by her children, Amber exploded with creativity. Her creation was so beautiful that she went all the way to the finals. To make this glamorous wedding dress, she used toilet paper, glue, tape, needle and thread. Her husband and children saw her working every hour of the day for months. In the end, Amber finished third and won $2,500. Her husband and children was very proud over their mother and we can only agree. This wedding dress is so gorgeous!  

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