Young family found dead in cabin: Now police warn the public about ‘silent killer’

Young family found dead in cabin: Now police warn the public about ‘silent killer’

On New Year’s Day police in Arizona made a terrible discovery – something that could happen to any of us. The Capitano family – 32 year old parents Anthony and Megan, and their two children, Lincoln, 4, and Kingley, 3, had planned a cozy New Year’s celebration at their holiday cabin in Arizona. But what was supposed to be a fun family weekend ended in tragedy.

Friends of the Capitanos became increasingly worried after they couldn’t get in contact with the family. The days went by and finally, they called the police. When the police pulled up to the cabin, they noticed immediately that something was wrong.

This is a warning that everyone needs to read and share with their friends.



It was New Year’s Day when police in Coconino, Arizona, found the family dead in their cabin. Police identified the 32 year old couple and their children.

At 12.26 on New Year’s Day, the police received a call from worried friends of the family. The friends had tried to contact the Capitanos – without success. Less than an hour later the police arrived at the scene and noticed that there was gas coming from the cabin’s window.


They made their way into the cabin wearing special protective gear, and discovered a terrible scene – all four of the Capitano family were dead. Days later, a serious malfunction in the cabin’s heating system was discovered.

“We believe it’s possibly a carbon monoxide poisoning malfunction in the heater or any other gas appliance in the residence. We have not determined what that was exactly yet,” Jon Paxton from the Cononino police department tells FOX10 Phoenix.


Now the family are being mourned by relatives and friends.

“He loved his family, he loved his children, just a great example to follow,” friend Daniel Matlock said of Anthony Capitano.


A neighbor has taken on the task of guarding the cabin to make sure that thieves don’t try to take advantage and steal the family’s valuables.

“When it comes to little people, it’s upsetting, but to lose your whole family…” Chrissy Smith said.

What happened to the Capitano family is a tragedy, and it could happen to any one of us. 

Police in Arizona are now recommending that all households install carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke- and fire detectors. It’s something we all have to think about.

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