6 hidden symptoms of a thyroid problem that you should never ignore

When we feel sick, we often assume we have a cold, the flu or maybe our allergies are acting up.

And while that is most usually right, the symptoms we experience may sometimes actually be warnings about something more serious.

And because the symptoms of thyroid diseases are similar to common ailments, many people let their thyroid problems go untreated for too long.

The thyroid gland sits in the front of the throat and produces hormones that travel throughout the body. It also controls the metabolism, which is why it’s important that the thyroid gland works properly.

But sometimes, for example when the body’s immune system attacks the thyroid gland, the thyroid produces too few or too many hormones—and that causes a problem.

The symptoms of thyroid diseases come on slowly, and it’s important to know your body’s warning signs in order to get treatment in time. And with that in mind, here are six symptoms that should never be ignored:

Difficulty concentrating

An early sign of thyroid disease is poor concentration. At first, you may feel confused and mentally lethargic, and after having the disease for a long time, you may experience poor memory.

Fatigue or reduced strength

There are many reasons for being tired and having reduced stamina. If sleep doesn’t relieve your fatigue, and if you continue feeling lethargic and tired, your thyroid might not be functioning properly.

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Feeling cold

Another hidden sign of a thyroid problem is a change in body temperature. You may feel cold, have cold hands and feet, or experience cold sweats, or be sensitive to heat.


Thyroid problems can be greatly affect your mood. You may experience mood swings and get upset easily, and you may suddenly begin to feel depressed and dejected.

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Weight problems

If you have trouble maintaining your weight even though you haven’t changed your diet and exercise, it might be a signal your thyroid isn’t working properly. And if you’ve had the disease for a long time, you can also become bloated.

Dry skin and dry hair

Does your skin constantly itch? Is your hair dry and brittle, so much so that it is starting to fall out? This could be a sign that you suffer from hypothyroidism, meaning that your thyroid gland is producing too few hormones.

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Even if you have many symptoms, you might not have a thyroid problem. But you should definitely go to the doctor and have it checked out, because it’s important to get treated if you suffer from a thyroid problem.

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