Do You Heat Up Your Car Before You Take Off? Then You Need To Know THIS.

“I’m just gonna warm up the car.” A great many of us have likely spoken those words at least once in our lives. Warming up the car on a cold winter day is indeed a routine for many people living in colder countries around the world. But it turns out this act is not as useful as we may have once thought. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that the process is completely useless. Read on, and you may never see warming up your car the same way again.

According to national Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail, warming up your car on a cold day is essentially a useless act that is far from ‘good’ for your car.

In fact, according to experts, the process is totally counterproductive: it wastes your fuel, damages your car, and harms the environment.

But then why do we do it?

Back in the day, cars used carburetors, i.e. crude fuel-mixing devices, which actually required to be warmed up before the automobile could run. But today, that technology is completely extinct – and warming up any modern day car is absolutely unnecessary.

“Virtually every car on the market today is equipped with a fuel-injection system that adjusts gasoline delivery based on temperature, throttle setting and engine load – because of this, your car can be driven almost immediately, even at low temperatures.”

According to the Globe and Mail article, even when it’s freezing cold, most fuel-injected cars can be driven basically less than 30 seconds after you start it.

The smart alternative?

To drive right away but at slow speed until the car reaches its ideal temperature. Doing this will actually warm your engine faster than just keeping your car running for an extended time.

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