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His Back Was So Sore That He Lost His Will To Live. Now Watch After 10 Days With A Chiropractor. Incredible!

American Muntathar Altaii severely injured his back pulling a tree root out of the ground. The injury left the 17-year-old’s back in such pain that he couldn’t stand up straight and his right leg went numb. Bedridden for three months, the teen told his dad he didn’t want to live. Doctors diagnosed Muntathar with spinal kyphosis. He and his family sought a treatment that could ease the teen’s pain, but no doctor in the United States was able to help. Desperate and out of options, they extended their search beyond the US and eventually found a clinic in Australia. Muntathar and his dad took a chance and went there. It turned out that this chiropractor had hands of gold. This video follows Muntathar’s incredible journey. From his terrible pain and deformed back to standing up straight and becoming completely healthy, Muntathar gets his life back in only 10 days. Incredible!

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