In September We’ll See A Blood Moon And Super Moon Occur The Same Day.

In just a few weeks, we will have the opportunity to experience two spectacular phenomena – on exactly the same day. Book the night of September 27-28 carefully– that is when both a “blood moon” and “super moon” will occur. And the experience, according to astronomy experts, is potentially going to be very beautiful.

Source: Wikipedia.


Blood moons, also known as total lunar eclipses, are extremely rare. But combine that with a super moon, i.e. when a full moon is its closest to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, making it seem very large when seen from the Earth, and you’re in for an especially rare treat!

This is exactly what’s expected to occur beginning after sunset, EST, on September 27.

“The moon will be perceived as being larger than usual, although this is an illusion. In fact, the moon is only eight percent closer to the Earth compared to its usual average distance,” Peter Linde of the Swedish Astronomical Society told Newsner.

Later on the night of September 27th, in the wee hours of September 28, however, the moon will disappear and about an hour later, it will be time for the second rare phenomenon. The Earth will come between the moon and the sun: a total lunar eclipse, or “blood moon”.

You can find the approximate hours of the phenomena for you location by visiting this site.

When the super moon occurs, it will be visible and glowing a beautiful red hue — the result of sunlight being filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The last time a super moon and blood moon occurred at the same time dates as far back as 1982 — and the next isn’t expected to occur until 2033. So get your binoculars ready!

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