It Looks Like Just Another Small Car. But When The Trunk Opens… Genius!

Using a car can be hard for a lot of people with disabilities. And on the market there haven’t been a lot of alternatives. Stacey Zoern has been wheelchair bounded for all of her life. She got tired of not being able to get to the movies by herself and to always have to rely on others when she wanted to go somewhere. But when she searched the world wide web five years ago she found something interesting… She contacted the manufacturer in Hungary but got the answer that the company had run out of money and shut down the production. But look what Stacey did to get this genius car out on the market again!

In this video, you get more information about how the car works.

The small electric car Kenguru have no seats. It’s more like a shell with a steering wheel. If you push the remote control the back part will open and it’s just to take place in the drivers seat. Everything is controlled by hand. Considering safety questions it remains to be seen if it will be legal in Sweden, according to