No more mosquito bites: Here’s the ingredient that causes mosquitos to leave you in peace for good

For many of us, summer is a much anticipated time of the year – I know that’s definitely the case for me! I just trudge through the dark, colder months awaiting the promise of long summer days ahed.  

But one thing I definitely never look forward to are the bugs that come with warm weather – and especially dreaded mosquitos.

That’s why I was so pleased to learn about this very simple and completely natural way to escape the annoying bites – I only wish I’d discovered it sooner! 

I don’t know how many times I have been bitten by mosquitoes and only realized it later or even the next day through itchy red bites. Popular mosquito repellent often contains toxic substances that are not good for the body.

But according to the website Healthyfoodhouse our summer days with mosquito bites may finally be over. All thanks to natural vitamin B.

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Very high levels of vitamin B in the body appears to cause a fragrance that mosquitoes do not like.

You can find the vitamin in a lot of our everyday food, such as potatoes, beans, broccoli and onions. And aside from the fact that it can scare away mosquitos vitamin B is also important for our overall health, helping with our metabolism and red blood cell production.

But a mosquito bite is not just about itchy rashes. Getting bit by mosquitos can also have much more serious consequences – the spread of disease.

While you may be fortunate enough that in your country diseases such as the zika virus and malaria are not a huge concern, it remains certain that mosquito bites are never fun!

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