Sleeping naked: Why it’s better to ditch your pyjamas at night

Sleeping naked: Why it’s better to ditch your pyjamas at night

It’s interesting how humans are still governed by age-old values and traditions. 

This is definitely evident than when it comes to our sleeping habits. 

Sleepwear originated in India and Southeast Asia, where traditional sleeping garments for men and women have existed for several hundred years.

But it was actually only in the late 1800s that pyjamas became popular in Europe – as British fashion influenced much of life in the colonies.

Pyjamas were preferred by British men and this then spread and became the trend for the rest of Europe and the United States. 

While not everyone specifically sleeps in pyjamas, many still wear some kind of garment during the night.

Everyone should sleep in what feels comfortable, but those who sleep naked can get a lot of benefits from doing so. If you’re sleeping clothed then you might be missing out! Here are some benefits of sleeping naked in case you’re tempted…

1. You sleep better

The key to a good night’s sleep is your body’s temperature. Preferably, your body temperature should fall slightly during the night, because a lower temperature is a natural part of the body’s sleep cycle – particularly during deep sleep.

But if you have clothes on while you sleep it can disturb your sleep cycle. The natural decline in body temperature is often absent for those sleeping in pyjamas and therefore the quality of the sleep is not as good.

2. You feel sexier

Waking up naked with your partner is an unbeatable feeling. It can put you in a state of mind that makes you feel sexy and confident.

If the first thing you feel in the morning is their naked skin against yours, it’s quite natural to feel closer to them and more intimate. This could lead to an increase in self-confidence and make you feel beautiful.

3. You can lose weight

It sounds almost too good to be true, but there is actually some truth behind the claim. The Huffington Post has said that having the right sleeping pattern can help you lose fat from around the stomach, as well as lower your cholesterol. 

This is mainly to do with growth hormones increasing during sleep while the body’s cortisol value drops.

Cortisol value is the key for weight reduction, and an interrupted sleep can lead to cortisol being raised. The effect of this is often that you feel more hungry.

In other words, being in your uncomfortable pyjamas means that you wake up more easily, that cortisol is raised and because of this, you will be more eager to eat more and more often. Sleeping nude can help prevent all of this.

4. Better for the genital area

Researcher Jennifer Landa found that sleeping naked is a healthy way for women to air their most intimate parts, allowing their genital area to breathe.

5. More sex

It’s actually quite logical. The more you’re naked with your partner, the greater the chance that you will get intimate. In fact, the chances increase dramatically as soon as your clothes disappear. 

Dr. Jennifer Landa said: “Sleeping naked encourages sex, and relationships with a lot of sex are happier relationships.”

More intimacy will also lead to the hormone oxytocin increasing, and this is always a good thing. So just by naked spooning with the person you like, you can reduce the risk of depression and perhaps become less stressed out.

6. You can skip your shower in the morning

Wearing pyjamas just makes you become hot and sweaty during the night and that morning shower is unavoidable if you want to be presentable when you leave home.

Skip pyjamas and that unnecessary heat is lost. A cool and good night’s sleep instead of sweaty and greasy hair – sounds like a simple choice.

7. It is simply easier

After a long day, most of us want nothing more than to just dive into a glorious pile of pillows.

For those who are comfortable being in the nude, there are no real obstacles to getting to the land of nod once their clothes come off. You have a road marked out straight to sleep.

For pyjama-users, there are obstacles. It may sound trivial and the height of laziness, but there is no doubt that getting changed and putting on a new outfit is a real bump in the road to sleep.

Clearing this step in your final evening routine means picking up some very valuable sleeping time.

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