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The Trick Mechanics Don’t Want You To See: How You Fix A Dent With A Hair Dryer In Just A Minute.

This trick has been unknown to most of us. And the fact that no one knows about it has of course helped a lot of mechanics earn a lot of money. Cause you know how it is; no matter how careful you are, for some reason you always seem to end up with a little dent on your car. So, you take your car to the mechanics and they charge you tons of money. But if we share this trick to everyone we know, this will soon change. Cause as it turns out; small dents can easily be fixed with just a hair dryer and some compressed air. Easy and cheap! When you use the hair dryer on full effect and then add the coolness from the compressed air, a reaction is created in the metal and this makes the dent disappear almost completely. Just watch the clip below. This works for almost every small dent. Don’t you think everyone you know deserves to learn more about this genius trick?

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