This Is What Happens When You Eat Freshly Ground Black Pepper Every Day.

Do you like freshly ground black pepper? Well, good, because your body will thank you. Black pepper contains piperine, a powerful substance that is both good for your health and also gives the spice its strong taste. Research shows that the substance has positive effects on a variety of processes in the body, increases the body’s absorption of nutrients, and is also medicine. Best of all? You don’t need to eat a large amount. Simply spin your spice grinder over your food a few times at each meal.

Here are seven reasons to eat freshly ground black pepper every day:

1. Increases the absorption of nutrients

The piperine in black pepper can increase the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal mucosa. In particular, it increases the absorption of minerals and vitamins, including vitamins B and C. And even selenium and beta carotene may be more readily absorbed into the body when combined with the consumption of pepper. Piperine also stimulates the digestive enzymes in the pancreas, which improves digestion.

2. Good for teeth

A study from Wuhan University in China shows that piperine may have some effect against periodontal disease. And piperine reduces the risk of the inflammation of gum tissue and can prevent the degradation of the jawbone.

3. Gives turmeric a real boost

Turmeric contains an active substance, curcumin, which has a number of medical grades. But the body has difficulty absorbing curcumin without help from piperine, which research, including this study from India, has shown. An older study from 1998 shows that the absorption of curcumin can increase by 2,000 percent when turmeric is combined with freshly ground black pepper.


4. Helps painkillers on the right track

Piperine can help some painkillers work more effectively. Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory agent diclofenac (available as Pennsaid in the U.S. and Canada, and Voltaren in the U.K. and other countries) works better in combination with piperine. Hopefully, this will lead to reduced doses of painkillers in the future, and thus reduce the number of side effects for people who use diclofenac.

5. Protects against ulcers

Black pepper benefits the stomach in many ways. One example is that the piperine in black pepper reduces stomach acid and promotes anti-inflammatory in the gut. Thus, it has a protective effect against gastric ulcers and other inflammations, according to this study.

6. Burns Fat

Want to take your fat loss plan to the next level? Try black pepper. The spice is the best in ground form, since light is absorbed by the cells then. A Korean study shows that piperine can counteract the body’s production of new fat cells, and scientists believe that this could be used to treat obesity in the future. The spice is also said to stimulate the metabolism and thus temporarily increase body heat. This means higher energy consumption and more calories burned.

7. Good for digestion

Peperine also increases the flow of saliva and digestive juices, which improves digestion. Your stomach reacts to the spice by secreting more hydrochloric acid, and as a result, food is more easily broken down. Good, right?

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