Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not Others.

In some places, mosquitoes are merely annoying pests and in others, they’re deadly killers. But wherever you are on the planet, you won’t find anyone who has a good thing to say about them. So why do these pesky creatures seem to prefer some of us over others? I’ve always been one of the unfortunate ones and come summer, I assemble an arsenal of bug spray, repellents, and citronella candles whenever I’m in an infested area. But still, they seem to buzz past all of my perfectly delicious-looking friends just to get a taste of my sweet blood. But is it really blood that attracts these tiny vampires? As it turns out, the reason mosquitos choose certain people over others may have nothing to do with blood at all. The answer might be your skin.

While people have been passing along that old wive’s tale that mosquitos prefer certain people for their blood for generations, science suggests that the real reason has to do with the skin.

Yes, certain bacteria on human skin secrete chemicals that mosquitoes find especially attractive. And it turns out, we have control over the release of some of these chemicals. For example, if you exercise, sweat, or drink beer, you may be more susceptible to bites than others around you.

Watch the video below to learn more about what draws mosquitos to some of us over others.

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