Haunting acapella version of ‘Amazing Grace’ will leave you with chills

Layering their pitch perfect vocals, a group of six men, joined by famed acapella singer Peter Hollens, sang a breathtaking rendition of “Amazing Grace,” a performance that was fittingly held in a church.

Harmonizing their voices to create a chilling depth of sound, the men remind us “how sweet the sound” of the hymn that was released in the late 18th century.

Keep reading to learn more about the angelic voices who deliver this song in a way you’ve never heard!

When Oregon’s Peter Hollens was in high school, he decided to use his voice to sing, instead of speaking French.

Dropping out of French class and replacing it with choir, Hollens, now 42, braced himself to be the target of torment among his classmates.

“When you were young, you usually had to hide the fact you sang otherwise you could get beat up. The first day of choir I thought it was kind of a geeky thing to do,” Hollens said. “But I quickly realized I really liked to sing.”

And, he was really good at acapella, a genre of music where voices form layers of harmonies and sounds, unaccompanied by instruments.

After graduation, the man went to the University of Oregon on a music scholarship and started his own a cappella group, On the Rocks, the first official collegiate acapella group in the state.

On the Rocks became a sensation, appearing on TV and eventually releasing albums on a major label.

In 2010, the group competed on the second season of NBC show Sing-Off, performing hits like Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard.

In episode four, after performing a medley of songs, the men were eliminated.

Amazing Grace

Over the past decade, Hollens – a pop singer and producer –has built a loyal fanbase on social media. The father of one still performs with bands, but he’s best known for his work on YouTube as a one-man acappella group, singing all parts of every song, afterwards layering and blending them together.

While still entertaining an audience on his YouTube channel – that has 3.26 million subscribers – Hollens teamed up with acapella group Home Free, the winners of the Sing-Off, season four.

Collaborating with Home Free – that recently released the album, Crazy(er) Life – Hollens recorded an all-vocal rendition of the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

Set in a church, the six singers deliver a hauntingly beautiful performance as they are seated in pews facing the alter.

Halfway through the song, they find themselves outside in a field and take over where they left off in the church as each singer gets his time in the spotlight.

The final product is a heavenly blend of voices and an absolute marvel to hear.

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