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11 crazy pictures of forgotten fruit and veggies that have taken on lives of their own

It happens quite easily. You pick up some fruits and veggies at the grocery store and throw them into the back of the refrigerator, never to be thought of again.

But then you go into the fridge looking for a slice of leftover pizza and find a soft apple or a soggy head of lettuce.

If you’re like me, you toss it straight into the trash and promise yourself that next time you’ll actually make that fancy salad that you’ve been meaning to make.

But some people don’t remove the rotting fruits and veggies from their fridge until they become almost unrecognizable. So what do these strange creations look like? Well, you’ll soon see…

Just like humans, fruits and vegetables have a life cycle that’s marked by change. Seeds turn into sprouts, sprouts grow and blossom, and blossoms transform into fruit that contains the seeds to start the process over. It takes a long time, but if you forget to ever look in your fridge or cupboard, the most incredible transformations can take shape.

Here are 11 pictures that will surprise even the most experienced gardener. Browse the list below and don’t hesitate to pass it on to your friends so they can also see how cool nature can be!

1. A forgotten artichoke eventually turns into a tiny piece of art.

Image Source: Reddit

2. If you thought strawberries seeds never sprout, you thought wrong…

Image Source: Reddit

3. Darn potatoes!

Image Source: Reddit

4. So this is what happens when you forget about half a head of cabbage in the back of the fridge.

Image Source: Reddit

5. Why buy new peppers when your peppers can grow their very own peppers?

Image Source: Reddit

6. This isn’t something you see every day…

Image Source: Reddit

7. Avocado tree, anyone?

Image Source: Reddit

8. This tomato looks like something out of a movie.

Image Source: Reddit

9. Those colors!

Image Source: Redditt

10. A pumpkin growing inside pumpkin. Ready for Halloween?

Image Source: Reddit

11. If you’ve ever wondered how coconuts grow… they create their own trees!

Image Source: Reddit

H/T: Bored Panda

Wasn’t that awesome? Don’t forget to pass this list on to your friends!

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