Add a teaspoon of baking soda the next time you boil eggs – the reason is genius

Personally, I love eggs, and I’d guess that I eat about six or seven a week.

I’ve even been told that I used to refuse to leave day care unless my mom promised to make me an egg salad sandwich when I got home…

So maybe I’m a bit crazy about eggs, but I couldn’t resist sharing these clever tricks for boiling eggs.

Hopefully, they’ll make your life a little easier in the future.

You’ve probably noticed that some eggs are easy to boil, while others are more difficult—even when they come from the same carton.

But did you know that eggs are not only easiest to peel, but also ideal for cooking when they’re between seven and 10 days old?

Here are some more tricks for making perfect boiled eggs:

1. Tired of ugly hard-boiled eggs that break apart while you’re trying to peel them? Try adding a teaspoon of baking soda/sodium bicarbonate to the water when you boil eggs. This will increase the alkalinity of the cooking water—and make your eggs easier to peel.

2. This trick will tell you how old your eggs are: Put an egg in water and watch what happens. If it sinks horizontally (on its side), it’s fresh. If it sinks vertically, it’s considered ideal for cooking. And if it floats to the surface, it’s old.

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3. Do your eggs ever crack in boiling water and create a big mess? Try sprinkling a little salt in the water. This will make the eggs whites coagulate quicker. So if an egg happens to crack, less egg whites will escape before the crack is sealed.

4. Eggs stored in the refrigerator are cold and crack easily when you drop them into boiling water. To make sure they don’t crack, put cold eggs in water before you turn on the stove and let them heat up with the water.

5. Are hard-boiled eggs your favorite? Let them sit in cold water for a while they’re done and you won’t have a problem peeling them.

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I feel like everyone should know these clever tricks—especially with Easter around the corner!

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