Baking Genius Creates A Colorful Pyramid Gummy Cake.

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect cake project for a long time now, and over the years, I’ve seen some pretty amazing ones. And while this particular cake might be a little too big to serve to my family, it definitely qualifies as one of the seven wonders of the cake world. This massive gummy-encrusted pyramid confection is a cake fit for pharaohs. Baking architect Yolanda from “How To Cake” starts by whipping up 32 pounds of vanilla cake batter. Then, she dyes it six day-glow colors and divides the batter between 12 cake pans. When the cakes are out of the oven, Yolanda stacks the colorful layers and glues them together using a whopping eight pounds of chocolate ganache. And since no pyramid is complete without a secret chamber to house the pharaoh’s wealth, Yolanda also carves a secret chamber into her cake, too. And what’s more, she even fills it with gold coins! Back to the exterior, Yolanda carves the sides of the pyramid to specifications as exacting as the real pyramids themselves. And finally, after coating the cake with more ganache, Yolanda tops it with a layer of gummies. By the end of this mouthwatering video, I felt like I was a little further along in my cake question. Because although we may never know how the real pyramids were made, at least we can watch this video and see how this pyramid cake is built! Check it out below!

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