He Fills A Piece Of Bread With Egg, Cheese And Ham. Minutes Later… This Is A Must-Try Recipe!

When I have time, I like to enjoy myself an extra delicious breakfast sandwich. But from time to time I have no inspiration and that often ends with me eating a boring sandwich just with cheese and pickles. That’s why I love this brilliant recipe from One Pot Chef! You know, the guy who gave us this amazing garlic bread. So he knows what he’s doing! It doesn’t take a lot of time and the result… Yummy!  

1. Start with the bread. Cut a lid and scrape out the bread from the center.


2. Cut a piece of ham that fits and place on the bottom.


3. Add an egg.


4. Put your favorite cheese and some parsley on top.


5. Put on the lid and cover your bread with tinfoil. Put in oven for about 10 minutes (180 degrees celsius).


5. Take out, open the lid and eat! Doesn’t look good?


Here you have the full video tutorial:

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