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He Peels An Egg In Only 3 Seconds And I Realize I’ve Been Doing It Wrong My Entire Life.

Hard-boiled eggs make a satisfying breakfast when everything goes right. But peeling them often leaves me feeling as grumpy as if I had skipped breakfast. Either the egg gets stuck to the shell and I lose half of it, or I burn my fingers. But never again…

As soon as I saw this clip, I realized I’ve been peeling eggs the wrong way my entire life. It can actually be so easy that it only takes three seconds.

1. Hard boil your eggs as usual. Replace the hot water you used to boil the eggs with cold water.

2. Place each egg in a glass (not a plastic cup) and fill the glass with cold water until you’ve almost covered the egg with water.

3. Cover the open end of the glass with four fingers and hold your thumb at the bottom of the glass. Shake the glass for about three seconds as the water slowly disappears.

4. Your egg is now ready to peel—in record time!

Watch this video to see this egg-peeling trick in action:

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