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He Puts Egg And Cheese In Muffin Tins. The Result? I MUST Try This!

Believe it or not, It’s no longer impossible to make a world class omelette. You will be surprised by how many ingredients you need (Clue: not that many). Just grab one of these muffin tins and everything will be so much easier. This will save you a big amount of time when the whole family is craving for a quick meal. And you can enjoy a world class omelette.

Published by Newsner, please like

Published by Newsner, please like

Everything you have to do is to mix your favorite ingredients and fry them in the pan for a short amount of time. Throw in some ham, sausage, bacon, onion or something else that you like. Fill the muffin tins with your favorite ingredients. Then put it aside while you mix your eggs (with some salt, pepper and a tiny portion of baking powder). The icing on the cake, so to speak, is grated cheese and then you’re ready to put it in the oven for 195 degrees. Now wait for 20 minutes … Voilà! Enjoy!


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