She bakes super simple raspberry muffins with just three ingredients

If I’m going to bake sweets, muffins are my all time favorite. They’re relatively easy to make, they’re quick, and imagination is the limit when it comes to deciding what flavors and ingredients to put in them.

Here’s an extraordinarily simple, fast and delicious recipe that only calls for 3 ingredients. Oh, and they look super pretty, too!  

You need:

• Two bananas
• Fresh raspberries
• Four eggs

©YouTube/Mind Over Munch


1. Mash the bananas in a large bowl.

©YouTube/Mind Over Munch

2. Beat the eggs and mix well.

©YouTube/Mind Over Munch

3. Take the muffin tin and add a few berries in each hole. 

© YouTube/Mind Over Munch

4. Pour the mixture over the berries, filling out the entire form.

© YouTube/Mind Over Munch
© YouTube/Mind Over Munch

5. Bake in the oven for twelve minutes at 375 degrees F. Done!

© YouTube/Mind Over Munch

Super easy – and delicious!


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