She Cuts A Section In The Bacon Sandwich. When I See The Inside I’m Just Drooling.

A really good and well-made sandwich is great for a lot of occasions. Often, it’s simple to make and filling. Bacon as topping is one of my favorites and this recipe take that to a whole new level. First, I thought she was crazy, covering the bread like this, but when I see the result… Maybe not something you should eat every day, but agree with me that it looks amazingly delicious.

1. Grab two packs of bacon.


2. Take two slices of bread and add your favorite cheese in between. Cover the bread with bacon.


3. Use the second pack of bacon and wrap around the bread so it’s completely covered.


4. Fry the bread lightly in the frying pan.


5. And this should be the result!


6. Cut and serve! Yes, please!


Here you have a video tutorial that’s fast so you can see how it’s done.

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