The tomato and mayo sandwich is a summer classic that deserves more attention

There are some things that just scream summer: ice cream, fireworks, the beach, and a tomato and mayo sandwich.

A tomato and mayo sandwich? Yes, hear us out.

The simplistic meal, which has somehow become a sort of unofficial summer sandwich, is crisp, delicious, fresh, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s unclear where the tomato and mayo sandwich originated. It’s possible it got its start in the South, but New Englanders also claim to make a mean summer sandwich.

No matter where it originated, we can all agree that it’s heavenly.

There aren’t many components to a tomato and mayo sandwich, so you probably won’t need to run out to the store to grab some ingredients. But if you want to enjoy a proper sandwich, you just have to make sure you have the right ones.

Depending on where your loyalty lies, you might choose one of several brands of mayonnaise. The choice is up to you, but some popular brands are: Duke’s, Blue Plate, Hellman’s, or Cains.

Now for the tomato.

Don’t choose a tomato from the grocery store, if possible pick a fresh summer tomato.

As for the bread, you might be tempted to choose the best artisan bread or bake a loaf yourself – stop. Buy a loaf of white bread from the store.

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Assembly time!

Spread a decent amount of mayo on your bread. It’s up to you whether you want to coat both sides in deliciousness. Next, slice your tomato and place it on top of the bread. If you want you can sprinkle salt or freshly ground pepper on top of the tomato or add another garnish like alfalfa sprouts.

Cover your sandwich with another piece of bread and enjoy!

Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

A tomato and mayo sandwich is definitely a summer classic. 

I can’t wait until to go to a farmer’s market to pick up a couple of tomatoes so I can make my own.

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