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Their Brilliant Hack Is Spreading Like Wildfire. This Is How You Turn A Melon Into A Cooling Smoothie In 45 Seconds.

I love a cooling smoothie when it’s hot outside. I cannot think of anything better to drink in the summer. I have some different ways of making them, but using watermelons is my favorite. Recently, I saw this clip on Facebook. It is a Swedish company called ICA that has the easiest way to create an awesome melon smoothie. It is impeccable and looks delicious. The reason I’ve seen can be the success on Facebook. Over 40 000 people have liked their post and 15 000 people have passed it forward.  


It has never before been this easy to do a melon smoothie. Check it out! 🙂

Posted by Ica Maxi Ostersund on 14 July 2015

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