This company wants to send you around the world to drink beer – while getting paid!

Three people travel the world, explore new sites and chug down beer. It didn’t sound like a job to me, but actually, it is.
World of Beer, a Florida-based chain of more than 70 craft beer taverns, are seeking a trio to partake in a world beer tour this summer.
The three lucky ”Drink It Interns” will be tasked with attending beer festivals, visiting breweries and sharing their experience of the world of beer on social media for four months this summer.

But it gets better. If you’re selected for the internship, World of Beer will to pay you $12,000 for the four months as well as cover all expenses.
“The selected Drink It Interns will be World of Beer narrators, capturing content from around the country and the world and sharing it back via WOB social media channels to fans, bringing fresh stories and new insights in the world of brew travelling,” World of Beer director of marketing Hannah Davis said.
“The interns will be reporting on a behind-the-scenes look at the beer industry, covering brewery and WOB events, while gaining real-world experience in a professional field that offers limitless possibilities.”

She added: “That passion for beer has to come through really strong, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert.”
Last year’s interns visited Munich, San Diego, Pilsen, Brussels, Kansas and Dublin to name a few sites. If you think you’re right person for this amazing internship, you can apply via World of Beer’s website before March 26.

What an amazing opportunity! Tag two friends you would like to do this with!


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