This guy’s simple hack will mean you never eat pizza any other way again

Cooking a shop bought pizza can provide more of a challenge than we’d like – if you want a more authentic taste you might want to grill it, but this can cause all sorts of blackened-pizza-related problems. Putting it in the oven can be fine but the taste constantly makes you think you should’ve ordered takeout instead.

But YouTuber DaveHax has come up with the perfect solution to the problem – and amazingly it involves a BBQ.

Now, I know what many of you might be thinking – if I put a pizza on a BBQ it’s going to get burnt to a crisp. But no. Dave has typically come up this hack which gives great results – including a perfectly cooked underside and a taste reminiscent of pies from a pizza oven. 

All you need for Dave’s hack (aside from a pizza and a BBQ) is a cupcake/muffin tray. Just fire the BBQ up, grab your pizza and listen to Dave’s full instructions in the video below.

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