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This Simple Trick Will Transform Your Grill Into A Pizza Oven.

Have you ever invited friends over for BBQ, only to secretly crave pizza? Or maybe you wanted to make a pizza, but rather than sit in a hot kitchen, you wanted to be outside tending a grill? Then this trick is for you…

If you put a pizza directly on the grill like this…

Image: DaveHax

It looks quite good on top…

Image: DaveHax

But underneath, it’ll always be burnt.

Image: DaveHax

That’s why this trick by the DaveHax YouTube channel is so brilliant. The people behind this video tested a lot of different ideas and came up with a method that they say works best.


Put a muffin tin directly on the grill.

Image: DaveHax

And place your pizza on top.

Image: DaveHax

Cover the grill and you’ll soon have an absolutely perfect pizza!

Image: DaveHax

Watch this video for detailed instructions:

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