Warning! One Look At This And You’ll Never Do Meatloaf The Same Way Again.

A really good and juicy meatloaf – I prefer my mother’s – is something that I could eat any day of the week. And when I saw this recipe I was blown away. This idea from BBQ Pit Boys is a must-try this summer! This looks too good not to pay forward for everyone to see. Hopefully, one of my grillmaster friends can do this next time I’m there for a barbecue party!

1. Wet your breadboard with beer and some water.


2. Hammer out two kilos of ground beef.


3. Salt and pepper on the meat. Cover the meat with barbecue sauce with a brush.


4. Sprinkle out chopped onion, celery and shredded bacon.


5. Make sure it’s not too much, then it’s gonna be difficult to this next step. Add some cheese as well.


6. Now, role it together!


7. Put on the grill. On the opposite side of the glowing coal.


8. Add some more barbecue sauce with a brush and put on three slices of bacon. Barbecue with lid on for one hour. The best temperature is approximately 320 degrees.


9. Done! Ok, this one I’m definitiely eating.


10. You can top this with some more cheese and let it melt with the heat from the meatloaf.


11. Yummy!


Full video tutorial of this is right here:

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