I Thought This Camper Had A Unique Look. Then I Looked Inside And My Jaw Dropped. Amazing!

With beautiful spring weather upon us, many people have already started planning their summer vacations. And that usually means booking hotels, searching Airbnb listings, and researching new campgrounds. But for those who don’t want to confine their vacation to one place, the camper in the video below might just be your ultimate road trip fantasy. This RV is unlike any other—and also it’s perhaps the world’s most luxurious motor home. It has three floors, a world-class interior, a jaw-dropping rooftop terrace, and all the necessities you can think of (a 40-inch TV, a cocktail bar, a fireplace, a bar…). Feel sorry the driver, who won’t have time to take advantage of the onboard luxuries? Well, you needn’t. The driver’s seat is an experience in itself, with heavenly seats and large, round windows. Join us on a tour below!

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