Space-Age Retro Trailer Is The Perfect Cozy Hangout for Two.

Airstream’s luxury trailers are easy to recognize by their rounded edges and polished aluminium surfaces. And their retro-futuristic style makes them look like spaceships that landed on earth back in the 1950s. If you’ve never seen the inside of an Airstream, you might guess that their interiors are just as out of this world as their exteriors. But this trailer in particular is totally surprised me with its down-to-earth style. Take a look for yourself below!

This 1979 caravan is parked in New Orleans in the backyard of owners Erin and Travis.


It’s easy to think the interior of this Airstream would be as polished as the outside. But Airstreams have proven to be perfect renovation projects, with owners rethinking them in unexpected ways.


This trailer’s interior was designed by Mathew Holdren. With rustic wood and sweet retro details, the interior transports visitors to the middle of a tranquil forest… It’s cozy and has enough room for two.


The trailer includes a kitchen and a bathroom, and it also has heating and air conditioning for those who seek the comfort of a traditional house.


Not keen on taking baths? You can take an outdoor shower!


I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to stay a few nights in this cozy Airstream. And it’s a real possibility—the New Orleans-located trailer is listed on Airbnb for about $150 a night.

Image Source: Airbnb


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