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11 reasons why you should never throw these little packets away

There’s nothing like unboxing a shiny new gadget or pair of shoes.

You open up the packaging, set aside the styrofoam or bubblewrap protecting it, and marvel at your new purchase…

But have you ever noticed the small packets that are sometimes found in the box? Whenever you buy a new bag, a luggage set, or a small appliance, there are usually at least a couple of little packets of silica gel beads inside.

There tend to have “DO NOT EAT” or “THROW AWAY” written on them. But you should forget that second message immediately.

Because you’ll be amazed at what these little packets can do if you put them to good use!


These little packets contain silica gel and are super absorbent.

But like coffee filters and tea bags, you can put them to great use—even after you’ve used them.

Here are 10 reasons why you should never throw away silica gel packets:

1. Rescue your phone


Silica packets are amazingly absorbent. So if you just dropped your phone in the toilet, don’t worry. Just remove your phone’s SIM card and battery and cover it with silica gel beads. The silica will absorb the moisture from your phone and you’ll have your phone back in operation in no time.

2. Keep your gym clothes smelling fresh


Silica packets are good at removing odors. So if you want to get rid of that locker room smell, just put a couple of packets in your gym bag!

3. Protect your mementos


Opening up a shoebox full of old pictures and letters and finding them musty or deteriorating is heartbreaking. So why not store your pictures along with one or more silica packets instead? The gel beads will absorb the moisture and prevent your precious keepsakes from aging.

4. Keep your silverware shiny


Put a couple of silica packets in your silverwate drawer and your knives and forks won’t become discolored.

5. Keep your tools in tiptop shape


Tools stop working well if you don’t take care of them. Store a couple of silica packets in your toolbox and they won’t start to rust as quickly.

6. Protect your razor blades


Here’s another tip. Store your razorblades in a jar with silica gel beads. They’ll last longer and will be less likely to rust.

7. Improve visibility in your car


A fogged-up windshield isn’t just annoying, it can also be hazardous. But your windshield won’t fog up so much if you put some silica packets on the dashboard.

It might not be stylish, but it’s better than not seeing anything!

8. Keep wet clothes from getting funky


When the drive back home from the beach is long, your wet bathing suit is sure get smelly. But putting some silica packets in with your beach laundry will reduce the chance that you clothes start to stink.

9. Keep your camera lenses clear


When you go from a cold place to a warm one, your camera lens is likely to fog up, leaving you unable to take that perfect shot until the fog clears up. But put a silica packet in your camera bag and say goodbye to that problem!

10. Stop seeds from rotting


Seeds should be kept cool and dry. Put a silica packet in with your seeds and they’ll survive the winter.

11. Dry flowers


Want to make beautiful dried flowers? Pack them with silica packets and they’ll turn out perfect.

While silica beads are non-toxic, remember to keep them away from small children, as they could be a choking hazard. But don’t throw them away. They’re far to useful to just toss in the garbage

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