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4 Smart Tips To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer.

These days, it doesn’t take long before the batteries in new cell phones start losing their power. Soon you have to bring your charger wherever you go, and if you don’t, you run the risk of having a dead battery and becoming unreachable.

But there are some tricks to keep your battery healthy for a long time—and the English newspaper The Sun recently gave four tips to keep in mind when charging your cell phone. Check them out—maybe you’ll save yourself from tearing out your hair over in the future!

1. Charge your phone for short periods

Many of us tend to let our phone battery drain down to zero percent and then plug it in and charge it all the way back to 100 percent. But that’s actually a pretty bad idea. If you want to keep your mobile phone battery in good condition a little longer, it’s better to charge your cell phone battery in stages rather than doing it in one marathon session. This is because lithium batteries wear out when they’re charged for a long time.

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2. Don’t charge your phone overnight

Hands up if you occasionally plug in your phone just before bed. I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it—but for the same reason as above, charging your phone overnight will put extra wear on your battery. And there are even reports that charging phones overnight might be a fire risk.

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3. Don’t charge your phone up to 100 percent

It’s always tempting to charge your cell phone all the way before leaving home, but the fact is your battery will last longer in the long run if you charge it to up to say, 40 percent. Then, take a break and charge it to 50 or 75 percent, instead of going straight up to 100 percent each time.

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4. Don’t charge your phone in its case

Cell phone batteries should be charged at moderate temperatures. But charging a phone in its case can overheat it. Instead, take off the case before charging your phone. This will keep it from overheating, thereby giving it a longer life. For the same reason, you should also stop charging your phone any time the charger and/or battery becomes too hot.

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Small things can make a big difference to your battery’s life. Please share these tricks with your friends. Who knows, they might thank you in the future!

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