6 Genius Tricks That Show Why It’s Always Good To Have An Iron At Home.

As more and more people use dryers and wrinkle-free fabrics, many people have all but stopped using ironing. But it’s rather silly to do away with irons completely. They’re not only good for making clothes wrinkle-free, they’re also perfect for solving a variety of small problems we face in our everyday lives. Did you know that you can use irons to fix scratches on hardwood floors, get rid of ugly marks on carpets and even cook? Yes, you read that right— just check this out!


Need to laminate a piece of paper, but don’t have a laminating machine? Well, you can relax because an iron works at least as well. Simply place a sheet of paper in a laminating pouch and place a towel over it. Put your iron on high and go back and forth over the towel a few times. Then turn it over, repeat, and your paper is laminated!

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Scratch removal

Sooner or later, all hardwood floors develop small, unsightly scratches. Even if you’re the only one who notices them, it might still be nice to get rid of them and have a shiny, smooth floor again. Which is why the iron is an excellent tool. Pour some water over the scratch, cover it with a wet towel, and slowly iron the spot on high until the scratch is gone. Smooth idea!

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Wax removal

Spilling hot wax is never fun—and it’s even worse to have to sit and scrape it off by hand. But it goes much faster if you break out our favorite gadget: the iron. Put it on low heat, cover the wax with paper towels, and go over them with your iron in small circles. The paper towels will soon suck up the wax and your furniture will be like new again!

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Impromptu hot plate

What if your stove is broken, but you’re craving a nice hot meal? Flip your iron upside down and put it on high to make an impromptu hot plate. It might not always be necessary, but it’s a fun little trick to know.

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Sticker strengthening

If you have a sticker that’s losing its hold, get a grip! You can easily make it sticky again with the help of an iron. Put aluminum foil over the sticker, put your iron on low, and press it for 15-20 seconds. Your sticker will be as good as new!

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Carpet cleaning

When it’s time to rearrange your living room furniture, it’s always a little sad to see the ugly imprints your sofa leaves on the carpet. But with an iron, your troubles will be over in no time. Just cover the mark with a damp towel and iron it using the steam function. Talk about easy way to solve an ugly problem!

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Check out this video for more details on all of these tips, plus learn how to use an iron to store food in the freezer without using freezer bags:

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