Family Transforms Their Small Backyard Into A Natural Pool.

Most people dream of having their own pool. And who wouldn’t want a small private retreat where you can escape the stress of everyday life and or relax with friends and family? But having a pool in your backyard also has its drawbacks. It takes up a lot of space, it doesn’t always fit with the rest of your backyard landscape, and it often takes lot of chemicals to keep the water clean. However, there are a lot of awesome, natural alternatives, which is why a family in Switzerland decided to build their own. The father of the family laid out his project on Imgur, and I must say that the transformation of this small patch of grass took me by surprise. They created their pool from all-natural materials and an environmentally friendly filtration and cleaning system, so they didn’t need to use any harsh chemicals. Would you be tempted to take a dip in it?

When they started the project in 2011, the family didn’t like their backyard very much. The first step was to decide where the pool would be. The black rectangle represents the deep end, while the white lines mark the edge of the pool.


The next step was to bring in a backhoe and get to work.

As they excavated the backyard, the family created channels for the water to run through the filter system, which was placed in the garage.


When they finished excavating, it was time to cover the hole with a kind of blanket. As you can see, the pool takes up a large portion of the family’s backyard.


Next, they covered the blanket with a tarp to keep the water in the pool and prevent it from seeping into the ground.


The next step was to fill the pool with rocks and gravel, no easy task.


“We were five men and worked around eight hours to build the walls of the pond. We were tired to death by sunset,” the father of the family said.

When the walls were done, they lined the bottom of the pool with stone tiles.


The small rectangle was then filled with water. But the pool wasn’t full yet…


Instead, they filled it with even more water, so that it overflowed and filled the entire area with water. Thus, they created a lifelike pond, where those who aren’t keen on a swim can cool off their feet.


As the project took quite a long time, construction was put on hold during the winter. The family’s cat made sure to inspect that everything went according to plan…


Instead of using a traditional filtration system, they purified water in the garage.


The water passes through a series of materials, from fine gravel to foam, before being pumped into the pool. Moreover, the water is treated with UV light and an environmentally friendly chemical compound that prevents the growth of algae and bacteria.

They also installed lights in the deep section of the pool.


The family also decorated the pool with a few delicious details. For example, you can see a fountain at the far right.


In the spring of 2012, it was time for the next phase. The family didn’t want to just have a beautiful pond, they also wanted a deck where they could sit and enjoy their new pool.


The wooden deck allows the family to sit near the pool and look out over the water.


It extends along the entire fence, so there are plenty of places to sit on.


Doesn’t it look like the perfect place to spend a summer day?


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