He Lines Up Pallets On The Lawn And Transforms It To Something Everyone Can Do In Their Garden This Summer.

I love to go the beach in the summer. When hot outside it’s so relaxing to take a dip in the water. But sometimes people don’t have the time or the possibility to go to a beach, or you just want to stay at home. But that doesn’t mean that the possibility to take a bath outside your house is gone. Apparently, you just need some wood pallets to build your own swimming pool in the backyard. That was proven by Torben Ljung from Sweden. He published pictures on Facebook of this genius construction and received over 70 000 shares in a couple of days.

This is how Torben from Sweden created a swimming pool in his backyard. He started by putting a plastic clothing on the ground. Then he lined up wood pallet after wood pallet to create walls.


When every wood pallet was placed together and attached to each other in a circle it looked like this.


To get the water to stay in this unique swimming pool he needed to seal it with towels and other objects.


A blue overlay was the finishing touch. Then he nailed all the details together with tape and bolts.


The outside of the pool needed some work to get the look he wanted. And a nice look he got!


Look! That looks great! And both cheap and easy. Genius, Torben.


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