Her unusual hair-braiding techniques are spreading like wildfire on Instagram

If you’re like me, doing your hair is a daily effort.

Sure, it would be easy to do my hair the same way every day, but I like to give it that extra something.

My hair is on the short side, though, so I often just try a small braid or put up half of my hair in a bun.

But there are tons of ways to spice up your look—and some techniques are surprisingly easy to master…

Hair artist Iris Araújo is taking Instagram by storm and her braiding technique is perhaps a little odd—she does it in front of her face.

But this woman also does something at the end that changes everything.

Watch Iris’ hands closely as she takes two strands of hair on either side of her face and braids them together, almost like a French braid.

Then, in a single sweeping motion, she flips up her braid over her head, putting her braids perfectly in place behind her.

Check out the gorgeous results below:

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