Here’s why you should always hang a glass on your doorknob – the reason is more brilliant than you think

Have you ever stayed in a hotel, laid down to sleep… and experienced the worry that there’s something sneaking around out there in the dark?

It’s no wonder that in unknown environments, you often feel a bit uneasy. And who knows, you might just wake up to your doorknob being slowly moved from the outside!

In times like this, it may actually be nice to have some kind of security measure. Such as this brilliant trick, for example.

The trick, which site Soutaoboa shares with us, is as simple as it is brilliant – and is surely going to help you sleep soundly!

So how does it work?

Well, first and foremost you need to grab a glass. It needs to be big enough to hang on your doorknob without falling off.

Then, grab a second glass… and place it on the first one.

Is that all? Well, yes actually.

Because now if someone tries to sneak their way in, the glasses will fall… and the resulting smash will wake you up!

It need not be more difficult than this to create your own thief trap — in the shape of a homemade alarm system!

And by the way, if you don’t wan’t the risk of broken glass, there are of course alternatives. Maybe a keychain or a coin… or even just an ordinary fork.

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