Here's the sneaker that's breaking the Internet — but what color is it really?

Here’s the sneaker that’s breaking the Internet — but what color is it really?

Do you remember the dress that viral when no one could agree what color it was?

Well, it’s happened again — but this time, it’s a sneaker that’s got people talking.

So what color is it?

You might remember the dress that went viral a couple years ago. Some people claimed it was white and gold, while others thought it was blue and black.

Now, this sneaker has people arguing again. A user on Twitter shared an image with the question, “What color is this shoe?” Instantly, people responded, with some saying it’s gray and turquoise and others saying white and pink.

What do you think? What color is it? Let us know on Facebook!

❤️= Gray and Turquoise

? = Pink and white

We’re assuming it’s more gray than pink, but we’re a bit uncertain. Please share and see what your friends think!

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