Newlyweds paint their house – when the neighbors see the color death threats pour in

It may take the shape of a high fence, a tree that obscures the evening sun, or loud music at night.

Neighbor feuds are everywhere – and they often have the knack of escalating to disproportionate levels.

The question is, does this feud take the prize.

It all began when newlyweds Peter and Keely Kish Dubrova from Harris County, Texas, decided to repaint their house a few years ago.

A rather harmless action, one might think, especially when the couple had the approval of their local Home Owners’ Association.

But everything soon took a dramatic turn.

Source: Petr Dubrova (Facebook)

When a broker posted a picture of their house on the Internet to ask for feedback about the property value, and whether it was attractive, reactions came pouring in.

Hundreds were outraged that the house had been painted a bright blueish-green color.

“Everything from white trash Californians, what are they doing here to we want to hang them,” Keely Kish told CBS-affiliated television station KHOU.

Source: Facebook

The hatred spilled over into Facebook, where angry neighbors wrote that it looked like a smurfhus, it was terribly ugly and that nobody wanted to live next to such a house.

“It’s awful and totally goes against the bylaws of the neighborhood and I just can’t believe it was approved. Should be neutral shades of white, beige, grey and blue. THAT is not neutral anything,” neighbor Stephenie Knight told Daily Mail.

People even broke into the couple’s property and photographed the house.

Source: Facebook

Several neighbors just thought that the whole affair had gone overboard.

“I’m not too fond of the color of the house, but I don’t think they should be punished like that,” neighbor Theresa Nichols told KHOU.

Source: Petr Dubrova (Facebook)

And the Dubrova couple? They replied that they would absolutely repaint the house – they are just waiting for the rules to be made clear to them.

They were, however, shocked by the hateful “hospitality” of their new neighbors.

“This is our life. We live it for each other. We’ve worked hard to afford something like this and I feel like people are squashing our dream,” Keely Kish told KHOU.

This is the terrible – one should be allowed to paint their house the color they would like – without getting death threats!

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