She Got Tired Of Uncomfortable Heels, So She Changed Them Into Something Everybody Should Have.

It’s almost impossible to find footwear appropriate for every single occasion, right? Who hasn’t arrived at a party in one pair of heels with another pair in the bag? You want to be elegant, but at the same time be able to walk to the party in comfortable shoes. And now, a genius designer has solved this irritating problem forever!


The Canadian designer Tanya Heath has always been an innovator. When she finished her studies in International Relations, she moved to Paris with her husband back in 1996.


For a long time, she searched for ”the perfect shoe” for her lifestyle: a shoe that was perfect for work or party, as well as being comfortable enough to walk her kids to school in the morning. However, this shoe didn’t exist. So Tanya decided to solve this problem herself. She was going to create her own perfect shoe.


Together with her team of engineers, technicians and designers, Tanya created her genius invention: a shoe that features an interchangeable heel.


The shoe has gained worldwide attention since it was presented in Paris in 2013.


Today, there are hundreds of different models. Perfect for dinners, riding and much more. If you got your high heels on and get tired, you can change to a pair of low heels in just a second. It’s such an amazing invention! I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this.


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