The first thing you see in this picture reveals a lot about your personality

There are loads of personality tests circulating around today. They can vary greatly, and in some of their most simplistic forms, they may ask you to look at an image and say what color or shape you see first.

The latter is exactly what this test I recently stumbled upon asks you to do — and based on my personal results, I found it interesting indeed and thus had to share.

We often talk about different personality types in our society. For example, when applying for a new job, employers are increasingly asking candidates to to answer a long list of ‘personality’ questions to see if your profile fits the role in question.

This is a relatively ‘simpler’ personality test that is believed to say a thing or two about your personality.

The following image can be seen in several ways, and what you see first can reveal a lot about your personality, according to Paradigma Terrstre. To be completely clear, this kind of test is designed more for fun than as a 100% research-based, full proof method of determining your personality type.

Nevertheless, when I did it myself, I sure thought it worked so I thought it would be fun for everyone to try out too.

The key is not to look at the picture too carefully — just take a quick look and simply ask yourself what you see.

Ok, so what was the first thing you saw?

Tiger Head

If the first thing you saw was a tiger head, it may mean that you are very practical. You have good analytical abilities and you are understanding.

When handed a task, you immediately set to it and do your best to get it done. You may however sometimes be a little too focused on having to do things your own way. Don’t forget to listen to others, it will help you develop. You may also do better at being more empathetic towards your environment.

You may find change a scary especially when they come suddenly. You may gain from learning to be better at adjusting, but whatever happens you will be successful because you are not one who gives up. Just don’t forget to stay humble on the way there.

Monkey in a Tree

If the first thing you saw was a monkey in a tree, it may mean that you are very creative, constantly full of new and innovative ideas. Take care of nurturing these ideas, but to succeed you may have to better organize your daily life — it may otherwise feel like you have time for so little.

You are also a person capable of solving any problem, no matter how difficult. This may be due, for example, to your creative side that often helps you out of tricky situations. You are aware that every step you take in life guides you with your personal development.

Don’t forget to pay attention to what’s happening around you — being too stuck in your bubble is not always good. Your friends need you, so don’t hide. That said, you are a person who both easily makes new friends and is easy to get along with.

What was the first thing you saw in the picture? Were the descriptions above accurate for you? Share with your friends to see what they think!