The shape of your nails reveals the truth about your personality – What do you think?

If you compare your fingernails with those of the person closest to you right now, you’ll be surprised how different they look.

And if you look at your friends, some will have square nails, some will have round nails, and others will have triangle-shaped nails.

You might think that the shape of a person’s fingernail doesn’t mean much, but then you’d be wrong. It turns out, the shape of your nails reveals several things about your personality. So if you want to get to know yourself or one of your friends a little better, take a look at your fingernails, take a look at theirs, and keep reading.

There are as many different fingernail shapes as there are people, but they can all be divided into seven basic shapes that also happen to reveal a lot about our personalities. You’ll be surprised at how well this works. So the question is, which group do you belong to?

1. Long nails

You’re socialable and easy to get along with, so most people feel comfortable in your presence. You’re also a romantic who’s creative and likes to dream.

2. Wide nails

You know exactly what you want in life, and you’re perfectly willing to work hard to get it. You’re also straightfoward with people, which can be an attractive quality. But you’re not afraid to ruffle a few tail feathers when giving honest feedback.

3. Round nails

You’re relaxed and do things at your own pace. While your laid-back attitude might make you take a while to get things done, you’re comfortable with how your work turns out. You’re also on the quiet side, which makes you thoughtful and a logical decision maker.

4. Square nails

You’re courageous and aren’t afraid to take risks to get where you want. If someone tries to stand in your way, they inevitably fail. You’re a typical type A personality will go far in your career. Your playful side appears when you’re with family and friends.

5. Triangular nails

You’re not only creative and inventive, but also a perfectionist. You have lots of brilliant ideas and your mind moves at lightning speed.

6. Almond-shaped nails

You’re an honest person who is perceived as faithful and kind. Your strength and empathy makes you a supportive friend and your ability to solve difficult situations doesn’t hurt, either.

7. Sword-shaped nails

You’re an ambitious and hard-working person who isn’t afraid to experience new things. The time you’ve spent outside of your comfort zone has made you a well-rounded person.

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