Thin haired man wants to surprise wife on wedding day – hours later, he's completely unrecognizable

Thin haired man wants to surprise wife on wedding day – hours later, he’s completely unrecognizable

We should be satisfied and proud of who we are — we are all different and have our unique qualities.

But it’s undeniable that many of us fear aging. We may discover new wrinkles, and get weaker muscles and joints that begin to fail. And then, there is always the problem with hair loss.

These are of course things we must accept — no one can avoid aging. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be nice to make a little change, especially if an important day is coming up, as was the case for the man in this story…

As is common with so many, the man’s hair was beginning to thin. Thinning hair can be the cause of discomfort and loss of confidence for many.

So as his wedding day approached, he decided to make a big change — one that would stun his family and friends.

He turned to Jason Makki, a professional hairdresser and hairstylist based in Dubai.

förvandling, tunnhårig, jason makki
YouTube/Jason Makki

Jason shares some of his incredible client transformations on his YouTube channel. He jumped right into the challenge with this latest customer, determined to transform him before his wedding day.

“He requested me to prepare him for the wedding day and he wanted to surprise everyone by having a new hairstyle!” Jason Makki wrote on YouTube.

förvandling, tunnhårig, jason makki
YouTube/Jason Makki

After flattening, combing and blow drying his hair, Jason used a hair-building fiber to cover the bare spots of his head.

“After washing and styling his hair i added Hair Building Fiber (Thick Fiber) to cover the bald spots or entire head,” Jason wrote.

The end result will impress you. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same man that first walked into the salon.

“I believe that his wife won’t recognize him at all,” Jason wrote.

Watch the transformation in the video below:

The cool video has had close to 15 million views in just a few days, and I understand why. It’s amazing what a change you can make using simple techniques!

I’m glad this man got to surprise his loved ones on his big day. I was so impressed with the results. Share if you were, too!