If you think you couldn't live in a shipping container, take a look inside this house

If you think you couldn’t live in a shipping container, take a look inside this house

They say everything is bigger in the United States, but this house shows that there are some exceptions.

This adorable tiny home built by Backcountry Containers is a real gem. It’s environmentally friendly, well built, and beautifully painted. But it’s the inside that impresses me the most.

The owner of Backcountry Containers built this home for a family member, and you can really all the love that went into it.

If you’re considering building a tiny home of your own one day, this will give you some inspiration.

This little home was built by Backcountry Containers and is located in the Texas.

Just look at all the nice details and the bright red paint job!

The fireplace on the left is perfect for cozy barbecue evenings.

To make the most of the space, there is a staircase leading up to a rooftop deck.

Not bad, right? Plenty of space to work with!

Now, let’s step inside. Prepare to be impressed…

The bedroom is located at one end of the house, and there’s a sofa next to it. There’s also a TV mounted right on the wall.

Pretty nice, right?

The wardrobe behind the bedroom has plenty of space for shoes…

There’s also a “secret” compartment in the floor. Perfect for storing even more shoes…

On the other side of the bedroom is the kitchen.

Look at the beautiful blue cabinets!

The kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator, a large stove, and running water.

As well as a dishwasher and sink!

These shelves provide plenty of storage space.

And there’s also a pantry.

Just around the corner is the bathroom.

Not big, but it has everything you need.

The shower is stylish.

And there’s also a washing machine, believe it or not!

Here’s one last look at this wonderful little home.


Would you like to live in a shipping container or do you know someone you’d like to move in here?

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