This Dad’s IKEA Shelving Hack Is Inspiring Tens Of Thousands Of DIY-ers.

The Billy bookshelf is perhaps IKEA’s most famous piece of furniture, but the BRIMNES series is also quite popular. Put them together and you can create something that’s even better than the sum of their parts—as one American dad shows in his project “IKEA Hack Bridge Bed Book Case.” It all began when the dad wanted to surprise his daughter, Julie. When she landed her dream job at Walt Disney World in Florida her new apartment needed decorating. And who better than her dad to help? The result is really quite something, which Is why I’m excited to share it here. Have a look and let it inspire you to take your IKEA furniture hacks to the next level!

It sure is elegant, isn’t it? And how sweet is it that this dad built such a beautiful bookcase for his daughter? Share if you also think he deserves a big round of applause!

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