Tie a string around a fork and discover a ridiculously clever trick for Christmas

Wrapping presents is a sometimes impossible art that requires patience. And even if you manage to get the wrapping paper to look neat and tidy, your gift might still look boring.

Until now. This little trick for making beautiful bows will definitely help your packages stand out—and best of all, it’s not nearly as difficult as you’d expect. All you need to succeed is a fork.

With Christmas coming up next month, this couldn’t have been more timely!

What you need:
A fork with four tines
Two pieces of ribbon
A candle

1. Thread a piece of ribbon around the fork, alternating between the tines like in the picture below. Continue until you’ve made three or four rows.

Image Source: YouTube

2. Take another piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center hole of the fork. Make a knot…

Image Source: YouTube

3. …and tie it!

Image Source: YouTube

4. Gently pull the bow off of the fork and cut off any strands that may be hanging off the ends.

Image Source: YouTube

5. Gently melt the ends—but be careful!

Image Source: YouTube

6. Voila! Now your cute little bow is ready to attach to a present, greeting card, notebook, or whatever you want. So beautiful!

Image Source: YouTube

Check out this video for more detailed directions:

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